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MTO/BDE PROOF of Course Completion

  • Certificates issued prior to September 29, 2008 must be presented to DriveTest at the time of the G1 exit test.
  • Students who enrolled in a BDE program on or after September 29, 2008 will NOT be issued a paper certificate from the driving school. Students who have successfully completed all components of a BDE course will be certified on-line through the driving school by which they completed their course.
  • The on-line student certification process, once a student has successfully completed a BDE course, and the driving school has completed the certification transaction, the student driver record will be updated through the ministry.
  • Please note: this process can take up to 10 days after course completion.

Proof of Course Completion for Insurance

  • For proof of Course Completion for insurance you will need a copy of your Drivers License History {DLH} Please go to a SERVICE ONTARIO location and purchase your DLH. In Belleville it is located in Century Place at 199 Front St. The DLH cost is $12, and can only be requested by the license holder. We recommend you make copies for future use!

    Print the Application

For students who have LOST their BDE certificates:

Students can now go to a Driver Licensing Office and ask for a Driver License History {DLH}. It costs $12 and they can use that for their insurance as proof of completion. The Belleville office is located at Service Ontario, 199 Front St. First Floor Century Place in Belleville

Should you have any further questions regarding the BDE Program, please contact the: Ministry of Transportation BDE Contact Line at (416) 235-5540 or via email at




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