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Dear Parents:


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for enrolling your son/daughter in the Beginner Driver's Education program at our school and entrusting us with their safety. Rest assured your son/daughter will be given personalized training to suit their individual skills, experience and comfort level. Because each student progresses differently, we cannot, nor will not, rush a student through training until the level of skill required has been achieved. The Ministry of Transportation allows for this by giving each student 12 months to successfully complete all components of the course.
We realize that many students, and parents, are eager for the student to attain their G2 license and the independence that goes with that. However, because I put my name and reputation on the line, we must be satisfied with their understanding of the school curriculum and application of all defensive driving techniques before we can put them out on the road alone. Although the final decision is not mine, I train each student as if they were my own; therefore ensuring every aspect of safety and defense is understood and applied.

Until this level is reached, we appreciate your patience, understanding and support as we teach your son/daughter how to develop lifetime habits that will last a LIFETIME! Driving is the one life skill that could cost them, or another, their LIVES! Ten hours on the road is a very small timeframe to develop habits that will save their lives. You have hired a professional, and I personally assure you, they will receive the best training we can give them in the timeliest manner that we feel they are able to handle.

**We cannot emphasize enough the attention we pay to SAFETY in all aspects of the driving task! Therefore, we will NOT rush a student through to completion UNLESS, we, the professionals, can feel confident that the student is ready to go out on the road alone! We suggest that students or parents that are interested in the "quicker-faster" method of obtaining the "certificate" register as soon as the student has their G1.That way we will have enough time to adequately train them for the lifetime skill of SAFE DRIVING! We desire that none of our students become statistics! 



I'm RADICAL about safety, all kinds of safety, and I will NOT compromise safety, your child's safety, for convenience! That's a promise!

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