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About Road RATS

Road RATS is a Ministry Approved Beginner Driver Education Course Provider. We are recognized by the Insurance Industry. We are unique because we are a 'specialized' school that caters specifically to the driver education needs of TEENS. We were formerly called Partners in Driver Training - Quinte, which was a satellite school from the Bancroft branch. Road RATS is owned and operated by Martina Marcucci. We are located in the heart of downtown Belleville. We offer classes every month. Serving 8 Quinte and surrounding area High Schools since 1998.



About Our Course

Our course includes 20 hours of classroom instruction and 10 hours of one-on-one vehicle instruction, and 10 hours home-link.  After successful completion of all segments of the 40 hour course the student will receive an MTO-APPROVED BEGINNER DRIVER EDUCATION CERTIFICATION. Students can qualify for a G2 road test in 8 months as opposed to 12 months without a course. Our course is designed to offer a challenging approach to learning in a 'TEEN FRIENDLY' environment that is both fast paced and fun! We concentrate on teaching positive attitude and skills development as major components to achieving a high standard in ALL aspects of the driving task! We are incentive oriented, which makes learning fun and very rewarding. Text books, workbooks, pens and paper are supplied.

B.Y.O.S. = Bring Your Own Snacks...:)

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