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QUALIFIED - SUITABLE - LICENSED instructors are a RARE & PRECIOUS commodity! Therefore, we are always accepting resumes for upcoming positions.



Suitable candidates must have these 5 requirements:

1. Provincial Instructors License

• This license can be obtained at the Ontario Safety League by successfully completing a 4 week instructor's course in Mississuaga.

• There is also a similar course offered at Algonquin College in Ottawa.

2. Suitable and roadworthy vehicle (optional)

• Candidates with suitable dual brake equipped vehicle & proof of required instructors insurance may be given first consideration. However, other vehicle options are available for suitable candidates. Details can be discussed during interviews.

3. Proof of valid instructors insurance

• All instructors MUST by law carry an instructor's policy on their vehicle with $2,000,000 liability.

• For a quote on your vehicle call Diana Fonger 1-800-825-6669.

4. Observation Time

• Must observe a 25 hour in-class session to obtain a clear understanding of the Road RATS driving task.

• Observation time can be completed without instructor's license.

5. Attitude Assets

• Preference will be given to the instructor(s) who can meet the above requirements AND exhibits some or all of these qualities: positive; patient; sense of humour; creative; excellent communicator; comfortable; pleasant; honest; caring; realistic; teachable; dedicated; confident; humble; flexible; diligent; energetic; community minded and young at heart!

Road RATS is a Ministry Approved Beginner Driver Education Course Provider that specializes in training TEENS the lifetime skill of driving. We care about the TEEN lives we touch and we value their goals and dreams. We strive to educate, encourage and inspire teens to become above average drivers and citizens. We concentrate on teaching positive attitude and skills development as major components to achieving and maintaining a high standard in all aspects of the driving task, and in life!


Please send resume with cover letter explaining WHY you would like an exciting and rewarding career as a Driving Instructor working with TEENS, and all previous relevant experience to:

or Road RATS 49 Albion Street, Suite 3, Belleville, ON K8N 3R7 Attention: M. Marcucci

Suitable candidates will be contacted by telephone, and secured positions will be confirmed before registration of instructor's course begins. Serious inquires only. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.


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Ontario Safety League: Basic Driver Instructor
Algonquin College: : Course #MVM 5200
Road RATS:

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