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R.A.T.S! – Radical About TEEN Success!

Exceeding Expectations



It is a well-known fact that a person can succeed easily when given all the breaks. At Road RATS we like to cheer for the “Under-RAT”. Those often voted most likely NOT to succeed! Graduates of the Road RATS Beginner Driver Education Program will tell you that our school is different than the rest. Our instructors are caring, handpicked individuals with a zest for life. We see our opportunity to reach out – and reach in to the hearts and lives of the students we are privileged to meet and train. We are not afraid to go the extra mile and strive to go above and beyond the call of duty whenever we can! We invest close to 40 hours in each student’s life, and we are not just doing our job, we are building relationships. We understand that life is hard and challenges can be overwhelming. We want to help lighten the load! We value your lives and dreams and believe that each of you can succeed at whatever you set your mind to.



It is because of that belief that we are pleased to be offering all Road RATS graduates:



Exceeding Expectations ~ Annual Scholarship Awards



We will be awarding one annual award of $500. This annual award will be given to the student who is determined to make a difference in their world. A scholar is defined by what he/she has learned; an intellect by using his/her mind creatively and an entrepreneur as one, who organizes, operates and assumes risk for a business venture. We believe our students are the future success stories! Students who want to defy the odds. Students who have dreams and goals although some may have little or no support and no cheering committee. Students who rise above their circumstances. Students who are not afraid to stand for what they believe in. Students who take charge of their life; their goals; their dreams; their future and especially –their driving!
Radically... because they LOVE themselves!



The annual award will be given to the student whose success story shows how they have used what they have learned, from schools, from books, from us, from life that they are:
Creative ~ Consistent ~ Passionate ~ Innovative ~ Over-comers ~ Determined ~ Community minded ~ Self disciplined ~ Ambitious students with a “servant heart” -- not just looking out for number one, but always looking out for others! Students who are radical about life! So tell us how you are leaving positive RAT tracks wherever you go! Tell us your story!
One $500 Scholarship Award will be chosen from all submissions received no later than November 12, each year. Award presentation time and place to be arranged once successful student is chosen and has been notified.



Award will be issued and can only be applied towards one of the following:
  • Auto Insurance - $500 cheque payable to students insurance company/policy
  • Education - $500 cheque payable to students school of enrollment
  • Enterprise - $500 cheque payable to students registered business/venture



* Road RATS will issue a cheque on behalf of the selected students to one of the above once proof of registration has been verified. Awards are not redeemable for cash.



To qualify the successful student must have and submit in legible hand written or typed form the following Award Criteria:


  • 1.  A Spotless drivers abstract! {After all we are Road RATS!}

  • 2.  1000 word [or more] essay about what/why/how/where they have changed their world

  • 3.  2 support letters of recommendation/character from: friend/employer/teacher

  • 4.  A signed consent that permits Road RATS to publicly announce your name and your  RADICAL Achievement!  



** Exceeding Expectations Scholarship award is only available to successful graduates of the Road RATS Beginner Driver Education program. Award is open to ALL Road RATS graduates, present and past that have registered since November 19, 2003.



Click here to print application



Disclaimer: Road RATS and it’s instructors are not responsible for applications lost or misdirected. This year's Awards will be chosen based on applications received by November 12, this year. Road RATS reserves the right to qualify or disqualify any applicant. Applicants can only “win” one award, but if not chosen can apply again in the following year. A new application must then be submitted. All submissions remain on record and become the property of Road RATS. Submissions will not be shared publicly and all privacy policies will be protected. Road RATS reserves the right to cancel scholarship awards at any time.

RADAR and the Road RATS logo are the exclusive property of Road RATS 2003-2012
and cannot be used without written permission.