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Frequently Asked Questions


~~ Why choose Road RATS? ~~

We set a high standard of expectations in the classroom and in the car and we challenge our students to become "Thinking Drivers".

Our motivation is what makes the difference! 

Who do you love?


~~ Do you have a payment plan? ~~

"Yes! we do..".


~~ When must I make my first and last payment if I use the "payment plan"? ~~

The first payment should be made on or before the first class session. The balance is due in full 30 days from that date.


~~ What are the payment plan options?~~

Pay 50% on day one and the balance is due in 30 days ~OR~ make 4 equal payments within the same 30 day period.



~~ What methods of payment are acceptable? ~~

Cash, cheques and money orders payable to: Road RATS

We now have Online Payments for credit cards and Paypal!


~~ When should I begin my in-class training? ~~

MTO allows 12 months to complete both segments of your course, so we feel it is best to begin within the first 2 months after receiving your G1. That way you won't learn bad habits and you have enough time to develop safe lifetime habits.



~~ How soon will I complete all segments of my course? ~~

Each student progresses differently, and will be trained on an individual basis. Your instructor will determine your rate of progress** based on your skills and comfort level and the ability to accommodate schedules and appointments.



~Should I practice with parents/guardians or equivalent during my training period?~

YES! Practice makes perfect, so more is better. As long as you are "actively practicing" the skills and techniques that your instructor is teaching you.



~~ Where do I get picked up for the in-car lessons? ~~

We try very hard to accommodate your schedule during training. Usually you will be picked up at school or co-op during school hours. For other times, or out of town students, we choose a central meeting place somewhere inside of city limits. While every effort is made to meet your needs, we are not a taxi service, so not all locations will work.



~~ What if the school buses are cancelled the day I have an in-car lesson? ~~

We feel that if it unsafe for the buses; it is unsafe for us! We will automatically cancel all lessons and your instructor will call you to reschedule. You will not be charged a "no show fee" for this appointment.



~~ When is a "no show" fee charged? ~~

A "no show fee" is charged for missed appointments. You are expected to keep appointments or notify your instructor 24 hours before canceling. Some exceptions apply.



~~ Will the Road RATS graduate certificate I receive be recognized for my insurance? ~~

YES! We are a Licensed Ministry Approved Beginner Driver Education Course Provider recognized by the Insurance Industry. Your certificate is Ontario Approved, OSL Inspected & Recognized by the Insurance Bureau of Canada.



~~ What if my parents feel that their way of doing certain driving tasks are better than the instructors are? ~~

While we respect that many parents have many years of driving experience, we need their support to learn new and improved methods instruction. The driving task has changed drastically in the past 30 years. We at Road RATS work very hard to find cutting edge information and techniques that will prove to be better for future drivers. With volume and speed increasing on the roads, it is important to realize that just not "having a collision" is not enough. We need to be sure we are not "causing a collision." Too many drivers are quick to pass the blame on other road users. At Road RATS, we want to TAKE responsibility for our actions and reactions. Therefore, we strive to be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem! You have hired a professional - know your trust is well placed!



~~ What if I have to miss one of my classroom sessions? ~~

TEENS have very busy schedules -- we understand that! That's why we allow for this so that there is no undue pressure put on our students. Missed classes can be made up in the next session.



~~ Are the in-class sessions boring? ~~

NO! At Road RATS we believe that life should be FUN and driving should be SAFE! That is why we make serious learning FUN! Don't take our word for this -- ask your friends!



~~ What if I already have my G license, and I just want the certificate for insurance purposes?? ~~

You still MUST successfully complete all components of the course. NO EXCEPTIONS.



~~ What are RADARS three R's? ~~

Radical! Responsible! Respectful!



~~ Will I learn Defensive Driving Techniques and Collision Avoidance skills? ~~

YES! Everything we teach is to prevent all collisions and to do so we must learn defensive habits. These are HABITS that will last a lifetime and take time to develop. That is why we do not rush our students to beat the calendar. We are RADICALLY committed to safety!

Who do you love?



~~ Will I go out on the 401 and learn free way driving techniques? ~~

YES! Everyday driving, while important, is for average drivers. Our goal is for you to become ABOVE AVERAGE drivers and prepare you to meet the challenge of the 401 here and abroad! You have places to go and we want to help you get there - SAFELY!



~~ What can my parents/guardians or accompanying driver do to help me? ~~

Be positive! Be patient! Be calm! Be reassuring! Be clear when giving directions! Allow mistakes that are not dangerous and discuss them later. Respect your son/daughter's right to choose when/when not to drive. Share at least 2 positive things before sharing any negative comments. NEVER say "Do as I say---not as I do" if you want to be an asset to your son/daughter's learning experience. TEENS resist this type of instruction. Be willing to learn new things yourself!



~~ Where does the in-car training take place? ~~

Road RATS is a Belleville school and therefore we do the bulk of our training in Belleville. With the exception of our highway and 401 training, we remain in the city. Belleville offers a complex variety of driving challenges, many unique to this area. We strive to cover as many as possible during our ten hours.



~~ What if I want to do my in-car training in another town or city? ~~

We recommend you register at another school that can meet your needs.



~~ What if I require extra lessons after my 10 hours in-car is complete? ~~

We, at Road RATS, take pride in our work and the personalized individual pace we allow for each student. We spend a lot of energy and time building confidence in your new learned skill, therefore, we feel that if we have done our job well, and you and your parents have done your part in practicing, extra lessons should not be required.


~~Language Policy~~


Road RATS & our instructors speak & teach in English only. Students whose first language is not English, will be registered on a 'trial basis'. It is of the utmost importance that communication between instructor and student is clear and concise. When there are concerns arising from the language barrier we feel that we cannot adequately teach/translate to these students. Although some may 'speak' English, often these students cannot quickly translate instructions & directions into actions on the road. This then becomes a safety issue, as the time spent trying to translate may involve unnecessary risk to the student and instructor in the car. This decision will be reviewed early on in the training process so as not to delay course cancellation, where necessary. MTO will be notified and full refund will then be given for student contracts cancelled under these conditions. Our desire is to give quality training without compromising safety. We regret any inconvenience that this process may cause.

Respectfully, Martina Marcucci Owner/Operator/Instructor



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